Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Has it been 3 years already?

The last time I posted (Dec 2013), we were heading to Hokkaido for the 4th time (3rd Winter vacation there).
We had gone to Hokkaido, skiied at Niseko, drove to Otaru and enjoyed the wonderful Christmasy feeling there, and then headed into Sapporo for the usual food and minor entertainment.

After that, we have travelled, but as it was not to Hokkaido, I felt compelled to leave the blog the way it was, as my tribute to our favourite Vacation Destination.

As a quick update, these are the places I have been since Dec 2013.

Feb 2014 - Hong Kong (business trip)
June 2014 - Australia: Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley
Dec 2014 - Tokyo, Kawaguchi, Hakone
2015 (we did not travel that year... as Daniel was having his PSLE)
Jan 2016 - Hong Kong (short vacation)
June 2016 - Tokyo (with Randal and his family too)

And now in Dec 2016, we are heading to Hong Kong for 10 days of fun, food and SHOPPING!

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